Why does my garage door opener only work sometimes? There are several reasons why your remote won’t work, ranging from simple to complicated ones that require the help of a professional.

Why Does My Garage Door Opener Only Work Sometimes

Your garage door opener is a device and devices may malfunction every now and then due to battery, lock, reprogramming and electrical reasons. Here are some of the things you can do to solve your remote opener dilemma.

Electrical Faults

Why Does My Garage Door Opener Only Work Sometimes
Why Does My Garage Door Opener Only Work Sometimes

If the wall-mounted panel or remote fails to open your garage door, then it could be a fault in the receiver board or the control wiring of the system. When this happens, you can unplug the system from the power source, reconnect and reprogram and try it again. Call the help of a professional garage door technician if the problem persists.

Needs Reprogramming

Sometimes all it takes is a quick remote reprogramming. Signals can be disrupted every now and then, and when this happens a reset can do the trick. Your remote opener’s signal is usually in sync with the frequency of the garage door receiver, but sometimes they get disconnected, or your remote gets on a different frequency.

Every garage door opener will have its own way of reprogramming, but the most common process is this- find the remote’s ‘learn’ button, press it and then hold the button for about three to five seconds until the LED light blinks or the lights flash. Afterwards, try the opener again and see if it works.

Low Battery

When pressing the button on the garage door opener doesn’t work, think- when was the last time you replaced the remote’s battery? If it’s been too long that you can’t remember, then this could be the culprit.

A typical battery life for a garage door remote is somewhere between a year or two. The good thing about it is that replacing the battery is relatively easy and it only takes a few minutes. Use a tool to uncork the screws and get to the battery compartment, then slot in fresh new batteries. Try pressing the button and see if it works. Also, you can try the manual opener for your garage door- if it works, then it’s most likely a dead remote battery.


Why Does My Garage Door Opener Only Work Sometimes
Why Does My Garage Door Opener Only Work Sometimes

When the garage door won’t open using the remote, don’t panic. It could just be that you forgot that you engaged the lock on the wall mounted panel. Sometimes, while doing work around the garage the lock button may have been pressed.

Here’s what you can do- see if the lock button is engaged and then deactivate it. Use the remote to open the garage door, and when it does then that’s problem solved.


In answering the question, ‘why does my garage door opener only work sometimes?’ you can try replacing the battery, checking the lock button on the panel, troubleshoot wiring points and reprogramming the remote itself. If you’ve tried these methods and the remote still won’t work, then it could be time to call a professional. Doing so prevents accidents and car damage from happening and saves you time and money. Whether your garage door keeps going up, not staying down in cold weather, or your garage door springs are broken, it is important to take care of your garage door to prevent further damage.


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