A garage door is one of the most important parts of the house which is used on a daily basis. There is a complex mechanism which is working behind to operate the garage door. In this mechanism, sensors play a crucial role for sure. If the garage door is not closing properly, then it can be because of the bad sensors. You need to know about how to test garage door sensors to check if the sensors are working properly or not. Once the sensors are damaged, the door may not close properly or they can even go back.

How to Test Garage Door Sensors
How to Test Garage Door Sensors

How to Test Garage Door Sensors

We are here to tell you everything about how you can test the sensors of the garage door and make it functional again. There are different reasons behind why the garage door sensor may not work properly that involve physical attributes and the garage door technology itself. With thorough testing, you can diagnose the faulty area. This can also be a reason why the garage door keep going back up.

How to Test the Sensors?

You can test the sensors of your garage door by different ways. These are:

  • Check the Sensor Path

First, you have to check whether or not anything is obstructing the sensor beam. This is usually the root of the issue when garage doors can’t stay down during the colder months or if your garage door keeps on going up. This can happen when there is something on the sensor path. In that case, the sensor will sense the obstruction and it will not shut down completely. In fact, it can even go back.

  • Check the Sensor Power

You have to test whether or not the sensor power is working. You have to reconnect the sensor to the power supply again to ensure this. If the power supply is successful, then you will notice a small LED light on the sensor. If the light is on in both the sensors, then there is no issue related to the power supply.

  • Check the Lenses of the Sensor

The garage door sensors come with lenses which mainly detect the obstructions. But often these lenses get covered with dirt. This can cause a malfunction in the sensors. The sensors detect the dirt as the obstructions and the doors will not close. You have to check the sensor lenses and clean them regularly to ensure smooth operation.

  • Check if the Sensor is Dry or Not

The next thing that you have to check is whether or not the sensor has moisture on it. Sometimes the wetness on the sensors can cause it to malfunction. This can happen when the sensor is exposed to water or rain. You have to ensure that the sensor is dry.

  • Check the Alignment of the Sensor

When the sensors are not aligned properly, then it can cause malfunctioning. You have to ensure that the alignment of the sensors is perfect


These are some of the ways on how to test garage door sensors and a few garage door repair tricks to have up your sleeve. You need to ensure all these things to make sure the garage door is working properly. When the sensor is not working, it will not let the door to close. So, you have to check the garage door sensors and test them regularly to ensure everything is perfect. In case there is any mechanical fault, then you have to call a professional to replace the sensor.


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