There is no doubt that the garage door is extremely important to keep your car(s) safe and secure in the garage. Also, the garage door is the largest moving body of your home. It is important to ensure that it is working perfectly and is not malfunctioning. If your garage door keeps going back up, this isn’t an uncommon problem. There are many people who face the same issue. You need to identify the issue first and then work on it.

Garage Door Keeps Going Back Up

We are here to help you in identifying all the possible reasons behind your garage door going back up again and again. To know why it is happening to your door, read on.

Reasons Why Garage Door Goes Up

Here are some of the reasons why your garage door will not stay down, and is going up every time as soon as it hits the floor:

  • Adjust the Travel Down Setting
Garage Door Keeps Going Back Up

Your garage door is probably programmed in a certain way as the door travels down to close. If the door closes before the distance programmed, it thinks it is going wrong and it reopens against. This is done by the program of the door automatically for preventing any damages. You need to make sure that the travel down setting is properly adjusted.

  • Adjust the Limit Switch

Just like your travel down setting, the limit switch of the garage door opener operated where your garage door will stop and when it will begin to raise or lower. If there is any mistake in the adjustment of the limit switch, the garage door will keep going back upwards. You have to adjust the limit switch with the help of a flathead screwdriver.

  • Replace Your Logic Board

The logic board of the door of your garage is actually the brain of the garage door opener, and it can wear out and start malfunctioning over time. So, you need to replace the logic board to ensure that the garage door is operating properly it will also help to open and close the garage door in the right way.

If any of the above garage repair tips are not working, then it is important to call a professional. You have to make sure to call a garage door professional in order to get your door repaired. The problem can be more than you think. If a garage door opener can assess the problem with the garage door, they can help you to fix the garage door too.

In Conclusion

If your garage door keeps going back up, then make sure to try these above mentioned solutions first. If it solves the issues, then great! If not, then you have to call a professional. Just like you need to repair broken springs, you’ll want to repair the issue causing your garage door to not close. Make sure to find the solution and get it fixed as soon as possible.


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