A garage door is really an important part of the garage as the entire security and safety depends on it. Also, it is one of the largest moving parts in your house. To ensure that everyone is safe, the door is operating perfectly and properly. One of the parts that you need to check is the spring, as if it is broken, the door may fail to operate. But the main question is how to tell if garage door spring is broken? The springs, regardless of how durable they are, will fail to perform if a lot of strains are put on them. 

How To Tell If Garage Door Spring Is Broken
How To Tell If Garage Door Spring Is Broken

How To Tell If Garage Door Spring Is Broken

There are some signs that you have to closely watch to know whether or not the spring is broken. Here are some of those signs that you can look for and identify if the garage door spring is faulty or broken. Once you have diagnosed the issue, you can look into garage door repair tips or reach out to a professional to get it fixed. 

  • Garage Door Cables are Loose

When the springs fail to work, the cables of the garage door gets loose. Many people assume that the garage door cable is broken. But it is actually the spring that is falling. If you notice that the cables are getting loose or slacking, then the spring is faulty. It is the spring that keeps the cables in place by creating a pressure. When the spring breaks, it causes the cable to slip out. 

  • A Loud ‘Bang’ Sound

You will hear a very loud ‘bang’ sound when a spring breaks on a garage door. This can produce an immense amount of energy. The torsion springs are mounted over the garage door and they a shaft that runs through the middle. When it breaks, the spring unwinds and it created a very loud noise. It may sound like someone is breaking into your home.

  • Visible Gap in the Torsion Spring

A torsion system is comprised of one or two tightly-wound torsion springs over the garage door. When these torsion springs break, they unwind and it leaves a visible gap. If you are noticing a gap in the torsion spring, then you need to immediately contact a garage door repair service.

  • Crooked Garage Door

A crooked garage door can be caused to the damaged garage door spring. Extension springs are fixed on either sides of the garage door. They are responsible for pulling the door independently. If any of the springs break, the side of the door will not move. Also, the door will look crooked. The garage door can also get stuck on the tracks if it is not fixed promptly.

The Conclusion

If you are wondering about how to tell if garage door spring is broken, then these are some of the signs that will help you to know. Make sure to call a garage door repair service as soon as possible if you are facing any of these problems and need to get your garage door springs fixed. In case there are any issues related to the spring, it can be quite dangerous for the safety. The garage door may not open at all or it can open and then shut down on its own. This can be quite risky. Once you get that issue fixed, you can then look into cosmetic changes you can make to your garage such as adding epoxy floors and whatnot. 


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