Not all people take the time to conduct garage door maintenance. Garage doors are often overlooked because these are installed outside your home. Remember that garage doors are just like other devices or installations that are prone to wear and tear. Knowing how often should you check garage door springs can help you prevent signs of breakage even before they appear.

Frequency of Servicing

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of a few garage repair tips. Servicing garage door can be done about twice a year. Aside from seeking professional help, preventive maintenance measures at home can be done by lubricating and tightening parts of the garage door. As you learn how often should you check garage door springs, also be mindful of the season that requires a maintenance check and service.

Garage Door Maintenance
Garage Door Maintenance

To know how to maintain a garage door well, engage in regular maintenance checks. Servicing during autumn shouldn’t be missed, as it is good preparation for the cold temperature during winter. Take note that it is during winter that common garage door issues become prevalent. Another maintenance check during spring can be done, so the wear and tear encountered during winter can be addressed right away before the issues worsen.

Checking and Balancing

Garage door spring maintenance mainly involves inspecting small door parts. Hinges and rollers need to be checked frequently because these are easily susceptible to getting cracks and splits. During cold temperatures, springs are more prone to breaking even when they aren’t that old.

The torsion requires adjustment if you can observe that the garage door keeps going back up and down and can just be opened halfway. Check if the garage door is also off track, as this normally happens when you have hit it with your car.

Lubrication and Replacement

Greasing garage doors is required when you can already hear squeaking sounds every time you open or close your garage door. Metallic parts need to be coated using a lubricant that is non-greasy and not silicone-based. Learn how to lubricate a garage door properly by opening the motor and coating the nylon parts especially the drive gear with grease.

Greasing garage doors and small parts like rollers, hinges, and springs need more lubrication as a part of garage door spring maintenance during winter. The operations of these moving parts easily get affected by cold temperatures and knowing how to lubricate a garage door will come in handy especially when no professional help is readily available.

Servicing Garage Door
Servicing Garage Door

The bottom seal and the weather seal may need replacement especially if you notice that air and light escape through gaps in the garage door. Moisture and wear caused by animals can be the issue. Testing the sensors and LED lights can also be helpful to address other garage door issues.

Servicing garage door only when it gets broken is an unhealthy approach, as you’ll just end up losing a huge deal of money because of maintenance costs. Now that you know how often should you check garage door springs, take responsibility for doing garage door maintenance from time to time. Learning how to maintain a garage door takes time, and more often than not, it is best to consult the help of a professional for your peace of mind.


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