When your garage door gives you problems when closing, you can expect a plethora of problems. However, if you get such problems during the cold weather, there are two possible causes. It could be an issue with the sensor or a problem with the door lubricant. One common problem you should be ready for is when the garage door will not stay down in cold weather. It is quite embarrassing, but it happens. 

Garage Door Will Not Stay Down in Cold Weather – Why is my Garage Door Not Closing?

Lucky for you, this post will be giving you solutions to your garage door when it fails to go down during the cold weather. You will learn about the possible reasons and solutions as well. Keep reading and make sure your garage door is never going to give you headaches.  It is important to have some garage door repair tricks handy to ensure your garage door is working properly. 

Garage Door Will Not Stay Down in Cold Weather
Garage Door Will Not Stay Down in Cold Weather

Dimmed sensor light.

Your phone can be useful in testing if the sensor has dimmed. If you notice little to no light at all, it is time to get a new emitter. If this is the only problem, your garage door will open and close with no issues. 

Misaligned sensors.

It is no brainer that metal contracts when exposed to cold weather. While contracting, On Track Garage experts say the door sensors will shift from their normal positions. You can try all you can, but the door cannot tell if there is an obstruction when the sensors are not aligned. Your phone camera can help to know if this is the problem you are dealing with. Place it in the path of the infrared and see if it hits any part of it. If not, you should realign the sensors. 

The garage door lubricant is frozen.

Before you dig deep into why the door is not lifting off the ground, you may want to check on the lubricant. It gets old with time, and you have to replace it regularly. Sometimes, the lubricant is not good in a cold environment, and you need to get a replacement that works well in cold situations. Silicone-based lubricants are known to face the cold challenge and keep your door running smoothly. Change the lubricant and see if your problem is solved. This can be a costly issue to fix and quotes for these issues can range from high to low.

Condensation on the sensors.

 The temperatures are going to drop, and the sensor may condense. Inspect it for any cloudy appearance. In this case, your solution is simple. You wipe the sensor with a clean cloth, and the door begins to run normally. Be gentle while wiping the sensor. 

Garage Door Will Not Stay Down in Cold Weather
Garage Door Will Not Stay Down in Cold Weather

The sensor needs resetting.

It could be possible that the door sensors need a reset. The process is straightforward, and your door will be back to its best performance. Unplug the door’s opener and plug it back. Test if the door closely flawlessly. 

Whether your garage door springs are broken, you need to adjust your garage door tracks, or your garage is not closing, you need to resolve the issue. When the garage door will not stay down in cold weather, it is a sign of several underlying problems. It could be a simple problem that you can fix in a few minutes. At worse, the sensor could be up for replacement. Whatever it is, inspect the problem and deal with it in the right way. You need your garage door working at all times. 


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